The GCN Conservation Committee pledges to:

  • Promote conservation stewardship through environmental education
  • Advocate scientifically based environmental legislation
  • Work to protect endangered species, especially flora
  • Promote biodiversity and to conserve natural resources
  • Encourage responsible use of our public lands for the benefit of all citizens
  • Work to reduce industrial, municipal and household waste
  • Advocate the prevention of pollution of soil, air, and water

The Committee participates annually in the following:

Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) Conservation Forum
Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) Legislative Day, Richmond
Garden Club of America (GCA) National Legislative program, D.C.
GCN Membership Meeting – focused on Conservation Topic

The GCN Conservation Committee suggests the following steps to become a greener gardener:



-Compost yard and kitchen waste
-Install a rain barrel or other rainwater collection system to reduce run-off and re-use
-Direct downspouts to flow directly on to your lawn or into your flower beds rather than into the streets storm drains
-Use fertilizer sparingly or switch to a natural fertilizer
-Use grass clippings as a natural fertilizer for your lawn
-Consider limiting impervious (paved) drives and walkways in favor of pervious pathways such as porous stones, oyster shell, tire strip paving
-Plant rain gardens at the edge of property to catch any misdirected run-off
-Scoop the poop – – clean up after your pet
-Use eco-friendly cleaning products
-Switch to energy efficient lighting (CFL bulbs use less energy and last longer)
-Use native plants in landscaping – they require less care; less fertilizer and pesticides
-Do not use invasive plants as they can choke out the natives – – get rid of English ivy!
-Buy Recycled Paper and use as little as possible – – email, email, email!
-Use energy efficient appliances and check for the Energy Star Rating
-Turn down your thermostat in the winter… wear a sweater!
-Turn the thermostat up in summer… sleeveless is stylish!
-Buy local – local and organic always taste better
-When you buy, use YOUR BAG or NO BAG – – only use re-useable shopping bags
-Turn the lights out when you go out
-Un-plug when un-used – – your toaster draws electricity even when it’s not toasting!