Floral Design

flower-arranging-3The GCN Floral Design Committee affords members the opportunity to learn about and participate in flower shows at the local, state, and national levels.

Given GCN’s membership in both the Garden Club of America (GCA) and the Garden Club of Virginia (GCV), the Flower Committee is required to submit entries in GCA and GCV sponsored shows. The Flower Chairman organizes and provides flower arranging demonstrations a few times each year to give members experience in crafting an arrangement. These workshops offer tips in interpretation of schedules, use of tools, proper mechanics, choice of container, choice of plant material, conditioning how-tos, and more. Experienced arrangers guide novice arrangers in developing confidence to pursue their own artistic floral creations.

The GCN Flower Committee is responsible for submission of club entries for the three Garden Club of Virginia shows held across the state each year in the categories of Rose (October);
Daffodil (April); and Lily (June). For each of these shows, a team of 5 or 6 committee members create an assigned entry and then deliver it to the show. The Flower Committee is also responsible for submitting entries to the Garden Club of America shows in the fall of each year. Additionally Committee members are encouraged to exhibit for any and/or all of these shows as an individual participant.

flower-arranging-1Flower Committee members are encouraged to learn more about the exhibiting process and to consider training as a Flower Show Judge. Flower shows are held all across the country and more judges are needed. Both GCV and GCA offer educational training programs for the arranger ready to take this next step. GCN has talented and sought-after judges willing and anxious to share their craft with others.

Every April the Flower Committee takes center-stage as Virginia Historic Garden Week is held across the state. GCN co-sponsors the Norfolk Home and Garden Tour with Harborfront Garden Club. Arrangers work together to design floral creations for rooms and gardens in all of the 4-6 homes chosen for the annual event. Each creation reflects its particular setting with unusual and interesting choices in plant material with all varieties of fruits, vegetables, branches and more paired with flowers ranging from the everyday to the exotic. The tour is a visual feast for all and offers a wonderful opportunity to display our club’s long legacy of extraordinary floral design talent with the general public, along with fellow members and regional clubs. This event helps raise awareness of the many ways garden clubs contribute to their communities while raising funds to support restoration of historic gardens across the Commonwealth.

Watch below to see a great member made video on alternatives to using floral foam!