hoticulture-2The GCN Horticulture Committee objectives are to:

– Encourage enjoyment of gardens in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.
– Learn the techniques of gardening including propagation, pruning, general maintenance, and landscape design.
– Learn more about individual garden plants and be able to easily recognize and identify the most common varieties.
-To share knowledge and experience with others through exhibitions at membership
meetings and shows.

The Horticulture Committee strives to share its knowledge of gardens and gardening with others. Exhibitions offer a way to accomplish this goal. Plant exhibits are often a part of membership meetings and participation is encouraged but not required. Exhibition schedules are based on seasonal varieties that are typically available in regional gardens at the time of the year the exhibit is set. Members are encouraged to walk their gardens and to bring in specimens to share with the entire membership.

At meeting exhibitions, the Horticulture Committee assists with identification and set-up.
The Committee strives to share an educational related topic at each membership meeting and submits articles of interest to the club’s newsletter Mulch Ado. There is usually one club meeting per year devoted to a Horticulture topic with a special speaker invited to address the membership.

Also both Garden Clubs of America and Virginia showcase horticulture at all of their flower shows. The Horticulture Committee submits club entries following the schedules provided for each GCV and/or GCA show. The Horticulture Committee provides exhibits for the two annual Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) meetings and the two annual Garden Club of America (GCA) meetings. Individual members are encouraged to participate as well. Feasibility of exhibit transport over distance often dictates participation. GCN exhibitors do not often participate in GCA/out of state shows.

Horticulture Committee members are encouraged to learn more about the exhibiting process and to consider becoming a Horticulture Judge.